Statement by the PTA on the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic facing the country and the world at large.
The PTA executives commit to supporting the measures put in place by School Management to combat the pandemic.

The PTA entreats all parents and employees of Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre to commit themselves seriously to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the School Management to curb this pandemic. We must be ambassadors of the basic principles of sanitization and hygiene in the family, the community and the country as a whole, to support the Government to contain and eradicate this pandemic from the country.The PTA acknowledges the School Management for the innovative arrangement to keep our scholars active during these difficult times, through the Google Classroom platform to enhance teaching and learning. We know this may come with some challenges to parents, but let us all collaborate with management on these challenges and come out with solutions.Again, PTA will continue to work with School Management to ensure that, the rolled out “Google Classroom”, keeps the students academically active during the period of the closure, is implemented effectively.

Finally, PTA commends the School Management and teachers for its timely action.
We say God richly bless you all. AYEKOO to all of you and STAY SAFE.

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