About Us

Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre is an international privately owned school created by Dr Frank Boateng and Mrs Rosemond Emma Boateng. They believe that children deserve more than just adequate childcare & hope to significantly raise the bar on what a holistic education can aspire to be.

The school is a multicultural co-educational nursery and basic school catering for children from the age of four months with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun, safe environment. Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre, offers an exciting new full day school and learning Centre at Tarkwa Tamso Estate.

An experienced Director manages the School with over twenty years in teaching and learning and childcare solutions. She has been trained to a Masters Degree level and has attended childcare courses in USA, UK and South Africa.

Our new state of the art facility offers unique learning experiences for the children. Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre provides a warm, caring, safe and playful environment where children are encouraged to reach their full potential as they develop educationally, socially, physically, intellectually and cognitively. Children love learning about new and interesting things.

By creating an exciting and stimulating learning environment, Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre harnesses your child’s natural curiosity to learn and explore. Organized in five fun-filled distinct zones, Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre offer a fascinating, varied and unique experience, allowing children to:

  • Build their individual and social identity;
  • Define their spatial and time-related reference points;
  • Enhance their thought processes and stimulate their quest for knowledge;
  • Develop their first scientific and technical experiments;
  • Foster cognitive maturing and to exercise the body.

The five Zones are:

I Discover Myself
Where children are the key players who conduct an investigation into precisely who they are. They take part in experiments that build awareness of their own social identity.
Colorful wood alphabet letters and number (1 2 3) isolated on white paper background with copy space include clipping path for design work, Education kids concept
I Locate Myself
Children become explorers and adventurers. The initial objective is to help children construct their spatial points of reference. There is also a focus on allowing children to experience and enjoy their own bodies in movement.
I Can Do
Children participate in games and experiments that stimulate and enhance their thought processes and capacities to learn.
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I Experiment Myself
Children confront elements from their daily environment, water, air and light. The objective is to offer an introduction to scientific and technical disciplines.
All Together
This area fosters group activities which favor working in groups of two, three or more. The key objective of this zone is building social skills.

Our Aim, Vision & Mission

Our aim

  • Develop the child’s individuality, self- confidence and independence.
  • Foster in children a respect and appreciation for their own culture and the culture of others.
  • Foster attitudes of inquiry, discovery, problem solving and the developmental of critical thinking.
  • Form a loving relationship with at least one other adult.
  • Foster teamwork among members of the board, staff and parents.
  • Active participation of all parents in their children’s experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred choice for parents and guidance seeking internationally diverse childcare solutions for their wards.Is to provide the right environment, facilities and resources in an internationally diverse community to foster learning and total child development.

Our Mission

Is to provide the right environment, facilities and resources in an internationally diverse community to foster learning and total child development