iPRIMARY Year 2- 6: (6YEARS – 12YEARS)

The Pearson Edexcel-UK curriculum and Ghana Education Service Curriculum for primary schools are used for these classes

However here at Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre, additional emergent global issues and information are used to enhance the curriculum. So also are hands-on materials used along with teaching aids.
Children are given a lot of opportunities to learn, think and reason. Each child is viewed as a unique person with individual pattern and timing of growth.
Research shows that socially, children explore values and learn rules of social living and respect for individual differences.
At Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre opportunities are given to develop social skills such as planning, sharing, taking turns and working together in groups.
We expect parents, teachers and staff to work together to help the Scholars of this school acquire the life long skills which will help them become happy and productive citizens.