This age group participates much as beginner Scholars but with emphasis on nursery readiness skills. Group participation, following directions, lengthening of the attention span and working on good manners are included.

Activities in this class are planned to arouse children’s interests and abilities.
Children in this class are expected to be fully potty-trained.

For the above mentioned group of children (Playgroup and Pre-nursery) coming to school for the first time is a new experience for them so a carefully planned induction period is used to help them adjust to their new surroundings here at Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre. For this reason parents or personal nannies may be asked to spend sometime with the child in his/her new surrounding for a couple of days. We believe the child will be much more at ease in exploring his/her new environment and meeting new faces with a parent/nanny at his/her side. This also helps to make a happy and gentle transition from the home environment into the school.