In this group, the child learns to develop further the skills that they have learnt in Pre-Kindergarten and they also learn skills that introduce them to the six basic areas of learning in the early years

These areas which provide important foundation for future learning are:

  • Personal/Social – includes skills such as dressing /undressing without help, working alone or in group and being confident in new situations.
    • Language/Literacy – this covers speaking and listening as well as basic writing
    • Mathematics – covers counting, number recognition, mathematical language and expressions, shapes and positional language (front, behind etc)
    • Knowledge and Understanding of the world – include science, geography, History design/technology Computing, French at their level.
    • Creative Development-covers music, art and craft.
    • Physical Development – include Swimming, games and gymnastics
    Ladybird learn -to-read scheme is used for reading. This scheme has a strong emphasis on developing a love for reading and also builds reading skill with the use of phonics. The goal of mathematics program is to enable children to use mathematics through exploration, discovery, thinking and solving problems. For this purpose many mathematics manipulative and hands-on toys are provided and used.