It is the School’s Policy that Scholars are always appropriately dressed. Please note our uniform.

MONDAY:                    Ivory Shirt with Blue shorts or Trousers/ Pinafore

TUESDAY:                    School Print with Blue shorts / Trousers and Dress

WEDNESDAY:             Blue Polo Shirt with Jeans Trousers/Skirt.

THURSDAY:                 Ivory Polo Shirt with Jeans Trousers/Skirt

FRIDAY:                        White Polo Shirt with Jeans Trousers/Skirt

  1. Monday & Tuesdays uniform should be worn with fully covered black or blue/black shoes & white socks.
  2. Polo shirt with blue Jeans Trousers/Skirt is to be worn with a pair of sneakers on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.
  3. Anything different from the code stated above will be deemed as improper dressing.
  4. Please label inside any outer garments that may be removed in school, such as coats and sweaters
  5. Physical education outfit
    a. White socks
    b. A pair of white sneakers

The physical education days are as follows¬:-
Wednesdays – Playgroup and Pre-K
Tuesdays and Thursdays – Reception and Year 1
Wednesdays and Fridays – Year 2 to Year 5

Please note that the tops are not to be tucked in.

Boys’ hair should be cut low, well combed or brushed.
Girls should fix their hair in tidy weaves or neat braids without beads as this distracts Scholars in class.
We would also like you to know that the school authority reserve the right to turn back home, any Scholar that is not properly dressed in accordance with the above.

Please be informed that the school observe a rest period of about 20/30 minutes everyday for those between 3months and 24months.Even if you child does not sleep, he/she will be encouraged to rest quietly during this time.

Parents can visit their child’s class with the approval of the Head of Administration. However for the new parents it would be best for you to wait until the child is completely settled and used to the new environment before you do so.