The PTC happens approximately three times in a year, from September through to June, to discuss the progress of the scholars. Time with Parents are organized to introduce the Montessori philosophy and materials as well as other topics of mutual interest to parents of young children.  Teachers and parents both participate and there is time for teachers and parents to visit and get to know each other.  Since it is so important that the Montessori approach be reinforced at home, parents are encouraged to attend these sessions as part of their children’s education.

This is an educational open house hosted by the school with the start of the academic year in every September. It is an orientation for parents to get a glimpse of the, routine and curriculum breakdown of what will be covered throughout the year.  Parent get familiar with the child’s learning environment.

Parents are expected to attend the Mothers’ and Fathers’ Hours at the School.  This is a time parents can become active participants with their child in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to make appointments to observe their child’s class at least once during the school year.

Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre accept children from 4 months of age. Enrolment is open to all children regardless of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. We do not discriminate on the basis of these in the administration of our policies and procedures. All forms necessary for enrolment along with registration material fee must be received in the office prior to the child being admitted to the school.

If an opening is available, an interview date will be set by the school administrator and head teacher for the parents. If an opening is not immediately available, the child’s name will be placed on the waiting list and the parent will be notified when an opening does become available.

Our early year’s department consists of a Crèche, Play group, Pre- Kindergarten and Reception Class, from where they graduate to Primary. The age range of pupils in crèche (Toddlers Room) is from 4 months to two years, while the age range of Play group (Nursery) is from 2 years – 3years. Our Scholars join the Pre-Kindergarten class when they turn 3, and then on to Reception when they turn 4 by 1st September in the year in which they turn 4. All classes are given unique names as an identity and symbol of learning in modern childcare and early development.


The curriculum in the early year is designed to give the children a positive disposition to learning. Activities are well planned to enable the children explore and discover while learning through play and developing positive relationships. The curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child and the development of the six areas of learning of the early years and the early learning goals as set out in the adopted British National Curriculum. Students are then transitioned through a blend of Ghanaian Curriculum after their formative stage. We believe that the mixed blend provides our scholars the opportunity to assimilate the learning culture.


The children begin to learn their phonics as early as possible to ensure they are reading by the time they start reception. Pre-Kindergarten and Reception Scholars engage in daily phonics, literacy, numeracy as well as the six areas of learning.

The school can only continue delivering excellent services when you honour your school fees obligation.

  • Parents and Guardians are kindly reminded to settle all fees on or before the 5th of every month.
  • Parents and Guardians with financial challenges should contact the Director for a payment plan.
  • Admission, tuition and other fees paid are not refundable.
  • All fees are expected to be fully paid on or before the middle of each school term, and parents have up to the last day before mid-terms to settle all bills.

Late fees payment penalties: A penalty of 10% will be levied on all unpaid fees after mid-terms.

Any discounts granted hitherto expire automatically at the fee payment deadline at mid terms, and parents will be required to pay the full fees indicated.


Cheques and post dated cheques

Fee payments will only be taken in cheques and bank drafts, and issued in the name of Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre

  • POST DATED cheques are NOT accepted at the school.
  • Details of Co-curricular fees will be communicated in the course of the term.

Sibling Discounts

  • Parents with more than two children will enjoy a 10% discount off tuition fees payable only 2nd
  • Parents with more than two children will enjoy a 15% discount off tuition fees payable only 3rd
  • Parents, who fail to settle their bills in full by the middle of the school term, automatically forfeit any discounts granted.


  • Families will not be entitled to refund of any tuition fees if a student is absent or voluntarily withdrawn from the school.

Other Information

  • Management reserves the right to review the fees.
  • A full term’s fees are payable irrespective of the actual date of admission, re-entry or withdrawal.
  • All new students must pay their admission and the term’s full fees before gaining access to teaching and learning facilities.
  • Parents/guardians are admonished to make all payments to the school through the School Bank Account.

Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre open daily, Monday through Friday excluding public holidays announced by the Republic of Ghana. The School has two Campuses. Oxford and Harvard. Our operational hours are as follows:

  • Reporting time: 6:45am – 8:15am at Oxford Campus

School Gate will be closed by 9:00am. Please help us to inculcate time consciousness in your wards.

  • Morning devotion / Assembly: 7:45am at Harvard Campus(Reception Class and Primary.)
  • Morning devotion / Assembly: 8:00am (Pre-Sch.)
  • Closing time: 3:30pm.

Prior notice should be given by parents who wish to pick their wards up earlier than the closing time. Also the closing time should be communicated to taxi drivers who are made to pick children up.

Children will not be released to anyone exhibiting dangerous behavior.

A child will only be released to those designated to pick them up unless other arrangements have been made in writing or through phone calls to the school authority.  Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre reserves the right to request ID upon pick up. Every child must be signed-in on arrival and signed out on pick-up by an authorized escort (Parent or Other)

  • Late pick up time: 4:00pm
  • After school service: 4:30pm-6:00pm.  Interested parents must apply.

Parents should please ensure that they furnish the school with the child’s up to date record as requested on the form. All admitted students would be made to undergo physical examination and immunizations at one of our partner hospitals in town.

  • Weighing Services: We take your child’s health very seriously and as such an onsite weighing services is arranged in school. All parents will be notified on weighing days to enable them place their weighing cards in their ward’s school bag.
  • Periodic Dental Checkup: Onsite dental checkups are organized periodically and children with any dental issues are referred for further treatment. Notices are given to parents in advance at all time.
  • Periodic Eye Checkup: The school periodically organize eye screening for your wards. All these happen in school. Notices are given to parents in advance at all time.
  • Periodic General Health Screening: The school periodically organizes general health screening for your wards. Any health issues are referred for further treatment. Notices are given to parents in advance at all time.

All children will be observed as they enter each day. A parent or guardian will be notified if signs and symptoms of communicable disease are observed. Parents are advised to keep their child away from school when he/she has one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A fever above 37 degrees or more during the previous 24hours.
  • Symptoms of a possible communicable disease including mumps, vomiting, bowl movement, diarrhea, sore throat, red eye and constant cough.
  • Any signal that indicates the possibility of infectious
  • Rashes that may indicate the possibility of measles or other diseases.
  • Fine blisters indicating the possibility of chicken pox.
  • Listless, Lethargic behavior, lack of appetite, refusal to participate in usual activities, extreme irritability or clearly unusual behavior for the child that indicates the likeliness of upcoming illness.

Your child should not be in school if he or she has been nauseated or vomiting during the evening or the morning before school. We will also appreciate a letter/text message from the parents explaining why a child has been kept from school.

Medication: Please let the class teachers know if your child is taking any medication that might affect his/her behavior in school.

Enquires and all other Communication to the school should be done through the Director and the Head Teacher or Administrator. Letters, memoranda and other correspondence can be left with the school’s administrator.

The school communicates to parents through:

  • The Daily Report Folder (Toddlers and Playgroup) and the Weekly Observation Report (PRE-K, Reception and Primary).
  • School notice board is also another channel of communication to our cherished parents.
  • We encourage parents to check and read our notice board for up to date information.
  • Class Dojo: We are pleased to inform you that Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre has introduced another innovation on Pupils’ class activity reporting. This report contains an in-depth of your ward(s) class story. Please feel free to contact the school for further clarification.
  • We also communicate through the “FAITH MONT PARENTS” WhatsApp platform. Parents who are not on the platform can contact the Director or the school Administrator to be added.

Faith Montessori and Child Development Centre curriculum is designed to promote positive and enjoyable learning experiences for the child, and positive interactions between adults and children. The goal of our preschool program is to help each child develop a feeling of positive self-worth, competence, and mastery.

Therefore, discipline will be approached from the realization that children need to learn self-control, self-responsibility, respect for the right of others and to be able to internalize rules of behavior. Clear rules of behavior and clear directions for compliance shall be established at the beginning of the year. Positive feedback will be given to the child for following the classroom rules.

The rules of the preschool will be for safety, general health, and social interaction. A comfortable atmosphere and consistent daily schedule will provide each child with a sense of security and confidence. Each child’s individual rights shall be respected at all times.

The following list specifies the strategies for discipline and guidance:

  • Clear, consistent, and reasonable limits will be set, and then followed through when enforcing these limits.
  • The rules and direction for guidance will be done in a positive way.
  • The child’s positive behavior will be emphasized.
  • The uncooperative child shall be directed to another activity.
  • When a child’s negative behavior shall involve frequent hitting, pushing, biting, or harm to himself/herself or other children, equipment, the child shall be removed from the scene for “time out”.
  • The Director reserves the right to send a child home from school at any time.
  • Parents/guardians will be informed of inappropriate behavior.

“In the words of the child:

‘I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand.’

“Help me do it for myself.”

Dr Maria Montessori


The School reserves the right to change anything in this document should the need arise. 
This document is revised at the end of each year.